Jun 26, 2008

Models vs. Lifestyle

it's always interesting to me when i get someone that is not "lifestyle" but still thinks it would be fun to do some bondage for a shoot...the looks on their face, the new sensations as the rope goes over them, the reaction to their rope marks. It all amuses me. I wonder to myself what made them decide to ask to do a bondage shoot...I ask them if it's something they are interested in but have never had the chance to explore. I ask myself if the results are any different when shooting lifestyle vs "models". I ask them what they hope to achieve by adding these to a portfolio. I ask myself if I treat them different because they are "outsiders" to my lifestyle - invaders coming to try to capitalize on it in some way. I wonder if they enjoy it as the rope slithers over their flesh. I ask them if they are OK with the fact that I'm touching them more in one bondage shoot then I'll touch a group of vanilla models in a year? They always say yes. Many say they have found they like it. Many say that it's something they will have to get the boyfriend/husband/girlfriend to learn/try/do. I have been lucky I think that I've never had a really negative experience with a non-lifestyle model and I think I've maybe even added some flavor to many of their vanilla lives.