Nov 29, 2008

Cheap Deals On Caskets?

Two in a row(posts i mean)...what the hell is the world coming to?
So I was out and about a little yesterday and didn't really see a single "deal" definitely nothing worth dying over and yet I watch the news and there are two stories about people dying during the "black friday" (what the fuck is that supposed to mean anyway?) and all i can think to myself is were they giving away extra kidneys? was there a buy one extra year of life get one free deal? Insane. All I can think of is this guy in Long Island - part time worker - 34 years old goes to work to make like 8 bucks an hour and never comes home.
What a fucking waste...
In any event - what the hell do you say after that..
No doubt I've been lazy updating my site Stark-Arts
but that doesn't mean I haven't been trying. Despite some personal issues and camera issues I've still maintained a trickly of output and found some older images that hadn't yet seen the light of day and this day I bring you the biggest update fact the only update ever.
Also (and they say the third time is the charm) I am going to rededicate myself to putting something up on this blog each day...
Sometimes a (hopefully witty) anecdote, sometimes an image, sometimes just some made up story that I think about when I'm loving myself...

thanks to all of you for your support and comments at my various site and places where I post work...

In the near future I'm also going to try to figure a way to make my work available to you in limited edition signed and framed prints...I had a much better go of it at the erotic flea market that I sold some of my images at and that has led me to believe that maybe someone out there actually likes my work...

Nov 26, 2008

The Stark-Arts Volume 1

After a test run that I guess I should have kept private I have come with a new layout and many more pages...80 pages with over 100 images...

thanks for your patience