Aug 30, 2011

Shoe Shine

Shot in the financial district at the height of the meltdown. Alex rocks.

One A Day.

I've gone through this before - this feeling that I need to post more - so here we go. I'm thinking to do some how to stuff in the near future. Do me a favor and write me to let me know the direction you'd like me to take this. I think behind the scenes with some instruction and of course photos of beautiful people and places sounds good...

Getting Over The Hump

Sometimes it seems that all i can think about is getting some new shots. Generally this happens to me when I get a new piece of tech. Often times I fall in love with that item for a short time only to move on to something else without ever getting the shot that i wanted. It keeps me going and looking and hoping to find some new skill set that I haven't explored before. Sometimes though it fails and I feel like I'm as hopeless as I was the first day I picked up a camera. Today is one of those days....

Aug 28, 2011


A few shots from the week I spent in Maine - a good time was had and I like the images it produced.