Oct 20, 2012

Has The Edge Gone Dull? Chain Of Strength @ Rev25

it had been 23 years since I'd seen Chain of Strength at City Gardens in trenton - or 22 - as i get older i can't always remember exactly but it was a long time ago. I got to see them again at the Rev25 show in NYC last week and here are the resulting images... thanks for taking a look

Oct 5, 2012

Heaven With A Gas Mask

I've been blessed over the years to shoot with some extraordinary women. I always try to give them credit when  i can - sometimes they ask that I don't. This is one of those subjects. We met up a little late and hit the subway. Plenty of people around but as usual not too many people want to be in the picture - they simply want to see what is going on. I hear people say "great guerrilla photography" and this always chaps my ass. It's a diservice to me but more than that it's an attack on my models. I get them to stand out there while i shoot away and people walk by and in some cases open their petty little mouths in less than flattering ways. For the most part it's all positive but not always. They model and pose and wait while i move lights and try to get "the shot"

HB and me hit 9th ave on the D train just in time to have a work crew come from the other side and they made sure to wander down to the platform just opposite us. HB posed and sat and waited while i moved lights to get the shot i wanted. Mixing the flash and the crappy light of the platform and the crappier light from the train yard and the buildings around it makes for a long time nude for a model...

In any event - HB - you rock. Hope people will show these images some love...

couple of color/black&white comparison's here - let me know what you like better.