Nov 27, 2012

Mal Martine Part III

What else can I say - I could waste a 1000 words and not come close to telling you what your eyes will tell you in 1/2 a second.
Mal Martine, Coney Island, 30 Degrees at best. Police presence as well as the typical Coney Island c.h.u.d types. High winds keep me to a bare bulb for the light source. Flat grey skies don't want to cooperate. Who the fuck cares. She rocked it.

Nov 25, 2012

Mal Martine Strikes Back

Wonder Thrills Latex - Mal Martine vs Coney Island
Whats not to like about a woman in latex? I don't have a particular fetish for it but I won't lie - I do like to see a woman with some curve hugging latex hanging off her body...Mal Martine does it so well. 30 degrees and windy near the ocean she was still the picture of dominance and poise...

Nov 21, 2012

My Own Personal Montreal Fetish Weekend....

Montreal Eh?
I loved my time in Montreal so much that i have to keep coming back to these images...loved the shoot no matter what the equipment decided not to help me with....

Nov 18, 2012

Mal Martine

Coated in latex and dripping with attitude the spider said to the fly can you handle this?

I met Mal Martine at the parking lot near my job. We'd spoken a few times but had not met yet. This is common for me. The rule more than the exception. The not meeting - not the parking lot. Within moments I could tell I was going to have a blast shooting her. She had no "real" images in her port to speak of and had done the whole "i'm not good in front of the camera" dance that i hear from many women that I shoot. I knew this was going to be false. I knew she was going to kill it and she did. Within five minutes of being dressed we created this image. It was a 1/5 of a second hand held and she was stunning. I wish i could have lost the car but there was another car just to camera left that was hideous and i wanted the whole church. Her friend makes a sneak appearance by mistake - i didn't see it in camera and for some reason along with the lens flare i think it adds to the image...I have cropped versions without her but I prefer this one. Mal Martine is worth looking for. She is a pro Domme in NYC and if you are looking for someone with gravity and poise in the face of new situations then I think you will be pleased.... More images to follow.

Nov 5, 2012

Free Parking Thanks To Sandy

Coney Island A few days post Sandy - the sand moved over the board walk and 100's of feet to the street toward Surf Ave