Jun 26, 2008

Models vs. Lifestyle

it's always interesting to me when i get someone that is not "lifestyle" but still thinks it would be fun to do some bondage for a shoot...the looks on their face, the new sensations as the rope goes over them, the reaction to their rope marks. It all amuses me. I wonder to myself what made them decide to ask to do a bondage shoot...I ask them if it's something they are interested in but have never had the chance to explore. I ask myself if the results are any different when shooting lifestyle vs "models". I ask them what they hope to achieve by adding these to a portfolio. I ask myself if I treat them different because they are "outsiders" to my lifestyle - invaders coming to try to capitalize on it in some way. I wonder if they enjoy it as the rope slithers over their flesh. I ask them if they are OK with the fact that I'm touching them more in one bondage shoot then I'll touch a group of vanilla models in a year? They always say yes. Many say they have found they like it. Many say that it's something they will have to get the boyfriend/husband/girlfriend to learn/try/do. I have been lucky I think that I've never had a really negative experience with a non-lifestyle model and I think I've maybe even added some flavor to many of their vanilla lives.

Jun 25, 2008

The Death of Belief...

or The Tipping Point

In every relationship there comes a point of no return. Maybe not everyone but just about. Many things can be said and done and the human mind has a powerful amount of elasticity that allows us to bounce back from slights perceived or real. But there is always that point of no return when trust is completely broken or at least when that amount of trust lost outweighs any love or affection possessed. This is not only true in marriage or other affairs of the heart but also with material items, institutions, and for the true point of this post - jobs.
Companies (and countries for that matter) like to talk about devotion, honor, respect, etc but to me that is a contract that goes both ways. A business that is greatly profiting from the hard work of it's individuals needs to fairly compensate them or else risk losing the same abilities that made the employee desirable to the company in the first place...
This is all a long winded way of saying that if you fuck someone in the ass don't think your dick is gonna come out smelling like sunshine...
This is one of those posts where i started out with such vitriol but in the short course of two minutes I've lost my will to write it just as i've lost my will to make lots of cash for my current employer....

Jun 20, 2008

How bout I finish this one?

full moon spilt over pale skin and dark rope. the yard was dark save five or six candles laid out in no pattern that she could detect. bound tightly her breasts stood out from her body as if encased in the finest bra that victoria had ever produced. her stomach was flat. her pussy was wet. the concrete under her ass cheeks was rough but she liked it like that sometimes. this was one of those times. a cool breeze caused the candle lights to dance and send shadows over her naked flesh - the wind caressed the buds of her nipples and forced them into attention. her eyes were blinded by silk. ninety percent opaque they left just enough light for her to know that the candles were sending their light over each curve and leaving none of her hidden in the shadows. her hands were tied over her head, the length of rope running to a spike in the tiny twenty by three foot "yard" behind the patio. her legs were spread looking like frogs with each foot bent back so that the heel was touching her thigh and leaving her wet cunt exposed to anyones gaze. The only eyes on them were his. his silence just another weapon in his aresenal that would lead her to lose herself to another orgasm.

Jun 18, 2008

Knock Knock - Who's There?

The door opened in the hallway and the dog murmured first, taking a moment to awaken from her dreams. The sound of steps coming down the basement steps flipped her ears up quick and created a low growl in her throat that was anything but lady like. I patted her head and told her to calm herself. Two minutes went by before I heard a low knock on the door that sent kali into a another state of urgency. I let the knocker wait while I pet my dog and told her how good she was to protect that house and that I loved her.
I finally got up and moved toward the door - my eyed drifted to the clock quickly seeing that it was five after two. I'd waited three minutes which had still meant the knocker was two minutes late when the sound came. That was trouble. Not for me.
I opened the door and looked down to see that while not able to be punctual she could at least follow the rest of my instructions. Her face was roughly at the level of my stiffening cock and her hands were behind her back forcing her tits forward and making the nipples look quite pinchable. My fingers acted almost without my thought moving to the tightening flesh and helping them along toward a state of absolutely perfect erection. My other hand went into her hair and pulled her up to her feet as I bent down to give her a kiss that started soft and ended with me biting her lower lip while growling low under my breath "you're late"
she remained silent for a moment living in the moment as my fingers closed ever tighter on her right nipple and my tongue explored her lower lip held in place by my teeth...
I let go of her lip but not her hair and then whispered gently "anything to say for yourself?"
"no sir"
"you know how i feel about tardiness..."
"I know sir and I know i deserve what i get"
I pulled her roughly releasing the nipple but wrapping my hand in her hair like a cowboy getting on grip on a bull before the chute opens...it was fifteen steps from the door to the bed and I had to give her credit for keeping both her balance and her hands behind her. Not an easy feat. I pushed her over the low bed so that her knees were on the floor and her tits were on the bed and her ass was facing me.
"arch your back"
She did as she was told without question keeping her fingers laced inside her elbows making her arms into a box behind her...I grabbed the rope and rolled it around twice and then tying it off before taking the rest and running it around her neck and back down to her arms. She wouldn't be able to pull without choking herself a bit. I pulled it tight enough for it to keep her arch necessary thus keeping her arms away from her ass and keeping it higher than her stomach....she looked amazing.
I stepped back to admire my handiwork and had to pause a moment to revel at her form. The thundering crack of my hand on her flesh broke the silence a moment later and she jerked forward choking herself a bit before regaining her composure.

more to come

Jun 14, 2008

It comes and it goes

Spent the day in Atlantic City - made a bit of money. Nothing extraordinary. A little cash game fun that left me 450 up - take out the 50 I lost in a tourney and I was 400 up which left me some cash to get some goodies for my new mac book pro. A new 1 TB drive, a blue tooth mouse, and some batteries left me feeling yummy and excited to play with my new toys. Figured out a way to back up my music from my ipod to my new drive. Had signed up for a tournament where 1 player won a seat to the world series of poker coming up later this month...sat and played while configuring my new toy. Finished tenth. Brutal end to such a happy start. 594 people beat to get nothing hurt. lucky my new computer makes me so happy. or it might have gotten thrown across the room.
File this posting under pointless - just trying to have something to write near daily - at least you get to look at a new pic..

Jun 12, 2008


another year and i'm not sure i really got anything accomplished that i wanted to. a year older - a few pounds lighter actually (though not where i want to be) and a bit grayer. Lots of good pics this year and I made some money and made some connections to people that might be able to help me make more in the future. But in the end just another 365 days closer to the day that I die whenever that might be (hopefully not for another 18250 days or so). I think I left too much effort on the table. Too many opportunites to make money. Too many hard ons. Too many great shots missed - (i really need to get a smaller camera to carry around all the time - my 1D is BIG). Too many times I should have excercised. Too many deserts I wasn't even hungry for. Too many curses when I knew a better word. Too much apathy. That is the worst one. There was just too much this year that I didn't care about - this will be the year that I put it together. That doesn't mean I'll be a big sucess or get everything I want. It just means this is the year that I don't leave too much of anything without trying to grab it...

Jun 10, 2008

Short Story - Truth, Fantasy, or Fiction

The store was brightly lit but still dirty. Toys of all kinds hanging on the walls to the right and rows of videos on cheap displays on the left as I walked in. She was dressed in ordinary shoes with her hair pulled up showing the pale skin of her face over the bright red of her rain coat. The clerk was darker skinned with a bushy mustache and black eyes that looked us both over before locking onto her. In the back was a door with 25 cent videos advertised and as we walked even with the counter and past the rows of videos more toys now on both sides of us. We had a purpose. We were searching for something slightly uncomfortable. She had forgotten a rule. She asked me to discipline her. We were finding a proper tool. I made her drop her hands to her sides away from her coat. I had forbidden her to button it or even to tie the sash when we exited the car. She paused for a moment her eyes going from mine to the beady black ones of the clerk that were locked on her as we stood in front of an array of anal plugs and thick dildos. She begged with her eyes for a second and I spoke just loudly enough for the clerk to hear. "Now" She let go and the coat fell open slightly revealing her shaved cunt underneath her waist cincher. Friction kept the upper half of the coat closed just enough that her breasts were not completely revealed. Turned as she was with me between her and the hungry looking clerk there was really nothing to see but the flush filled her skin as though she were standing naked in time square.
"Pick one" Same even tone as before. I was not angry. The rules were a means to an end. A way for us to find new ways to explore our little games.
"Nothing that will hurt you but I do want to see you squirm" Even if the smile was not on my face you could hear it in the syllables of my words as my amusement gave way to my attempts at sternness.
She spent a minute looking over the choices knowing that if she picked too small I would be displeased and knowing that if she picked too big she would have trouble taking it inside her soon to be stretched out asshole. Her eyes moved to a ridged black plug of medium size but she hoped thick enough to please her Sir.
"Very good." My words were a pat on the head - a rub of her belly. And she almost let out a purr even as her sphincter began to clench without her control
"take it to the counter"
She looked at him again longing for him to end his torment but she knew that he loved to see her squirm a bit in public. She moved toward the desk with her coat swaying back and forth covering and uncovering her naked flesh above and below the tight black cincher. She placed the toy on the counter and looked up at the man sitting behind the counter almost drooling over her naked flesh. I moved behind her, my hands putting my card next to the toy and wrapping around her ending the show for the clerk. We waited as he processed the order wondering how he could process the card with his eyes on her. We watched as he began to put the new toy in a bag before I waved him off saying we wouldn't need the bag or the packaging for the plug...
The clerks eyes filled with something that approached joy as he realized what was going to happen. Her stomach and asshole began to clench as a new wave of flush covered her body in pink.
"take the toy." I commanded her and then took her wrist to lead her to the back of the store and into one of the private viewing booths that showed the 25 cent movie clips. Without a word I pushed the plug past her lips and into her mouth.
"Get it wet." My words were barely a whisper as I moved my hands into the rain coat over her breasts tweaking nipples to full hardness before moving over the boned cincher and toward her bared hairless cunt. A finger dipped into her slowly after dancing over her clit.
"Slut. Seems a little humiliation pushes at least one button," I pushed her face against the wall with one hand while using the other to wrap around her waist and keep her ass against my hard cock forcing her back into an arch. The tails of the coat moved aside and her ass was bared to my view as I began to move the wetness from her pussy to her pulsing asshole. I worked slowly coating it with her own juices before moving quickly to my mouth to add some spit to the concoction. My finger moved in slow circles around the ring of her back door. I bit her ear gently and then whispered for her to relax and push against me. She did as commanded and took a deep breath and murmured a sound I couldn't quite make out. On the exhale she pushed against my hand and took my index finger in her asshole.
"are you ready?"
she nodded and I took the plug from her mouth thoroughly enjoying the sight of her spit slide off it. I ran it over her lips one more time before running it between her firm ass cheeks and then with little effort it was in her up to it's second ridge.
"only two more - but they are the thick ones...ask for it."
She breathed for a moment - long breaths that caused her tits to rise and fall. Her eyes burned with lust and embarrassment and anger and concentration all mixed together. A knock on the door broke her concentration for a moment and she blurted "just a second" as though she was using the toilet.
"I told you to ask for it" a bit more edge in his tone than before
"please push it in me"
The sounds of moaning coming from the other booths was broken by the sound of his palm slapping against her round ass check...
"please push it inside me sir - I'm sorry"
"Please put the plug up my ass Sir" she let it escape in a gasp.
His response was immediate and the entire plug slid into her past it's two remaining ridges and then allowing the smallest part to be encircled by her tight muscle as the base nestled against her cheeks. Her breathing increased to a shallow panting as she adjusted to the size of the plug.
"what do you say slut?"
I waited for about five seconds before landing my hand hard on her right ass cheek driving her face against the wall and echoing throughout the small chamber overcoming the sound of fake orgasms that filled the rooms around them. I knew that there were other men in the other rooms and without waiting landed another blow on the other cheek. She bit her lip hard to keep from crying out.
"thank you sir...thank you for my new toy..."her voice was quiet but strong. he had not and would not ever injure her. that was not to say that the large red hand prints on her ass cheeks would not be stinging for a bit...
"good girl...now get on your knees and get the cum from my balls. don't swallow it. I want you to keep it in your mouth. understand?" my voice was that of a teacher carefully explaining a homework assignment to a rowdy bunch of eighth graders.
"yes sir" she moved to her knees quivering from the mix of excitement, pain, disgust at the floor, fear of exposure, and nerves. she took her hands and lowered his zipper to free his already turgid cock. it popped from its fabric prison and hit her in the nose causing a slight chuckle to escape his lips just as the head of his dick moved past her lips.

More in a little bit...

Jun 9, 2008

BDSM vs The Relationship

Not breaking any new ground here. Not writing any kind of thesis. Just venting on the fact that is very difficult to live in a relationship where the person you are with does not have the same desires that you do. It's not the meeting people that are into it. It's not even getting them to love you. It's finding someone that has a particular set of fetishes/desires that match yours. Short term it's easy to let infatuation or freshness take hold and move you past any real world difficulties but as time moves on and the normal struggles of every day life begin to encroach upon your play time it just gets more difficult. This is even more difficult when you genuinely fall in love with aspects of this partner but need...and I hope you understand that I what I mean when I say NEED...to have all aspects of your life fulfilled. You start to doubt yourself - asking yourself if bdsm is really that important to you. You probably start to jerk off too much. You get grouchy and start to treat that person in ways that you would not have thought you could. You grow cold without the warmth of someone that understands you and more importantly wants to make you happy. If you are a decent person you are doing what you can to please them. You are trying to make things equitable. You really want things to work out because you really love the person. But you start to feel unloved. You are convinced that the lack of play is a lack of love. And you get twisted by the fact that you know that if you love them you will accept them for what they have to offer and not what you want them to. But then it's all chicken and the egg because you have to ask yourself if they really love you wouldn't they try harder or at the least communicate what they do want. (this is of course assuming that the person was at least somewhat into/open to the lifestyle) and you don't want to let them go. Aside from opening a relationship or ending it just how do you reach a happy ground? Can you?

So how do you get people to check out your blog?

So I have this blog - and it's not necessarily for my friends to read. Not that there is anything damaging to them but my friends have to listen to me rant every day so this is not for them. Really this is so I can rant to all of you and promote myself. There I said it - I like people to look at my pictures. I like people to call me and ask me to take pictures of them. I like people to say nice things about them and sometimes I don't even mind when they tell me what they think might have been done to improve them. I also like to make money so I signed up for the adsense thing. So the real question is - how do you get people to come check out your blog without taking out a billboard that says "HEY CHECK OUT MY BLOG!!!" Not sure - any suggestions would be taken with great appreciation...
In the end I will say that (google hopefully is "crawling" these words now) I plan to include lots of sexy, nude, semi nude, photos of naked women dressed in leather, corsets, rope, tied tightly in shibari style bondage. Some of them will be redheads, some will be beautiful black women, some Asian cuties, and hopefully a Latina or two. Hope they crawled all that...also I'll be writing about Poker (i've been sucking lately so that's no fun to write about - bunch of final tables and then - bamph!!! the bubble) In any event - thanks for taking the time to read this...


Jun 8, 2008

Just what is the Stark-Arts?

At one time i was fortunate enough to have what I thought was a pretty cool name for my website - it was called Stillbound. That sounded like something that was what it was - artsy bondage shots. I liked it. I made cards. I told everyone about it. I told everyone my email as jc@stillbound.com etc, etc, etc. i made a mistake and didn't renew the name and - bamph!!! it was gone.
That brings us to Stark-Arts.com which is my new (coming soon I promise) site showing my work. The name seems to encompass my style which many people say is too contrasty but that's the way I like it - my writing style is also when I'm top of my game (not now as you can see) kind of bare bones...not flowery but direct and according to some - hot. (wait for samples in the future)
In any event I appreciate you reading this if you are - and if you're not, well fuck you!!! Lol
see you soon in the world of the stark-arts I hope...

Stark-Arts (for now)

Photo Per Day - not neccessarily shooting one per day...

Poker, Bondage, Jewish Holidays

So today is a short day at work due to the fact that today and the next two days are Jewish Holidays and my company is an orthodox Jewish company. I live near a large Jewish community but had never worked for a company that followed the holy days this closely. So I go into work today for 4 hours and then I'm off for two - I have booked one day to shoot a beautiful model that I haven't had a chance to shoot before and hopefully on the other day I'll be driving to AC to attack the Borgata poker room and maybe get a chance to do some shooting down there as well - I am aching to do some boardwalk (under it maybe) bondage and get some shots with people not that far away. Later this week my birthday comes up and I'm off for Thursday, Friday, And Saturday as well (Thursday being my day off - Friday I took off - not bad working only one day in the week and getting paid for it all) when I know I'll be in AC.
I feel almost dirty taking advantage of the holidays to engage in "vice" but the key word is almost. On the other hand it feels sort of like "senior cut day" where we all took off to do something fun without repercussion while the rest of the world worked/studied etc...
As always if you or someone you know would enjoy posing have them get in touch - talk to you soon

Jun 7, 2008

here we go...

I live in Brooklyn (guess what station) and shoot in Brooklyn and work most of the time in Brooklyn. I shoot fetish portraits specializing in Japanese style rope bondage generally known as Shibari. In addition I sell T-shirts at NYTease
and cameras at the biggest camera store in the world. I shoot the occasional wedding but mostly I shoot women of all shapes and sizes in various states of undress preferably with some amount of hemp rope strewn over their body - usually tightly. I try not to shoot what most people would consider "porn" though I'm guessing many would anyway. I have shot porn and will probably shoot porn again but that has little to do with my "artsy" stuff...

In any event - (this is all free stuff I'm sending you to - just my portfolio which aside from naked girls includes (not together) animals, travel, weddings, etc...some come by and say hi!

Stark-Arts (for now - the real site will be up soon - always free though....)