Jun 18, 2008

Knock Knock - Who's There?

The door opened in the hallway and the dog murmured first, taking a moment to awaken from her dreams. The sound of steps coming down the basement steps flipped her ears up quick and created a low growl in her throat that was anything but lady like. I patted her head and told her to calm herself. Two minutes went by before I heard a low knock on the door that sent kali into a another state of urgency. I let the knocker wait while I pet my dog and told her how good she was to protect that house and that I loved her.
I finally got up and moved toward the door - my eyed drifted to the clock quickly seeing that it was five after two. I'd waited three minutes which had still meant the knocker was two minutes late when the sound came. That was trouble. Not for me.
I opened the door and looked down to see that while not able to be punctual she could at least follow the rest of my instructions. Her face was roughly at the level of my stiffening cock and her hands were behind her back forcing her tits forward and making the nipples look quite pinchable. My fingers acted almost without my thought moving to the tightening flesh and helping them along toward a state of absolutely perfect erection. My other hand went into her hair and pulled her up to her feet as I bent down to give her a kiss that started soft and ended with me biting her lower lip while growling low under my breath "you're late"
she remained silent for a moment living in the moment as my fingers closed ever tighter on her right nipple and my tongue explored her lower lip held in place by my teeth...
I let go of her lip but not her hair and then whispered gently "anything to say for yourself?"
"no sir"
"you know how i feel about tardiness..."
"I know sir and I know i deserve what i get"
I pulled her roughly releasing the nipple but wrapping my hand in her hair like a cowboy getting on grip on a bull before the chute opens...it was fifteen steps from the door to the bed and I had to give her credit for keeping both her balance and her hands behind her. Not an easy feat. I pushed her over the low bed so that her knees were on the floor and her tits were on the bed and her ass was facing me.
"arch your back"
She did as she was told without question keeping her fingers laced inside her elbows making her arms into a box behind her...I grabbed the rope and rolled it around twice and then tying it off before taking the rest and running it around her neck and back down to her arms. She wouldn't be able to pull without choking herself a bit. I pulled it tight enough for it to keep her arch necessary thus keeping her arms away from her ass and keeping it higher than her stomach....she looked amazing.
I stepped back to admire my handiwork and had to pause a moment to revel at her form. The thundering crack of my hand on her flesh broke the silence a moment later and she jerked forward choking herself a bit before regaining her composure.

more to come