Jun 14, 2008

It comes and it goes

Spent the day in Atlantic City - made a bit of money. Nothing extraordinary. A little cash game fun that left me 450 up - take out the 50 I lost in a tourney and I was 400 up which left me some cash to get some goodies for my new mac book pro. A new 1 TB drive, a blue tooth mouse, and some batteries left me feeling yummy and excited to play with my new toys. Figured out a way to back up my music from my ipod to my new drive. Had signed up for a tournament where 1 player won a seat to the world series of poker coming up later this month...sat and played while configuring my new toy. Finished tenth. Brutal end to such a happy start. 594 people beat to get nothing hurt. lucky my new computer makes me so happy. or it might have gotten thrown across the room.
File this posting under pointless - just trying to have something to write near daily - at least you get to look at a new pic..