Aug 25, 2009

Introduction To Bondage Class

The Chest Harness (or how 90% of Shibari can be learned in this one tie) - A Bondage Class for Beginners

This class is being hosted by DomSubFriends at 830 on Friday Sept. 4

Shibari can be one of the most confusing arts in the world of BDSM for those that have not had any real experience with it. Even for the casual practitioner who has attempted to learn out of a book it sometimes can really be difficult to pull together the different aspects into a cohesive and clean style. JC will show the class slowly and concisely how to combine the most basic of Japanese bondage techniques together to create a piece of rope work that will be the base of much of your rigging. In easy steps you will learn first how to create a very basic harness as well as some hints on how to make it take on your own style in the future. The chest harness is the basis for much of what is seen as Shibari from hogites to suspension play. The elements you learn during this class will send you on your way toward safe bondage play that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This class will include lots of tying by you - you will need to bring at least 2 30 foot lengths (or 25 - 33) and up to 3 depending on the size of your partner. Many of you will have your own rope already. If you don't, "Home Depot" is on 23rd St.

100 feet of 6 to 8 MM rope cut into 1/3's (and melted at the ends) will be perfect and economical for you to learn with. The lovely people over at Purple Passion on 20th St. also have all your supply needs covered. Or, you can of course buy the ropes right at Paddles as well.

JC came to bondage from the perspective of a photographer and videographer. Having worked with prominent artists in the NYC scene he learned the art of rope under the watchful eye of one of the foremost rope practicioners in the United States. During an intensive year long apprenticeship he honed his style on both lifestyle players and vanilla models creating a style that is both visually pleasing and comfortable for those that are new to rope play. His style has continued to develop in the time since and his photography work at is a testament to the kind of work that he will be teaching. For more info about JC visit

JC will be staying after at Paddles to answer any questions - stay and play.

Aug 17, 2009

Fetishcon Days 2 - 5

I got lazy a little bit. I got cheap a little bit. I got super busy a little bit and so I didn't have internet at the Hyatt in Tampa (the host hotel for the convention) so I didn't get to update this every day the way I had planned...
I am in the middle of decompressing from a full day of driving and trying to slowly figure out what is in my comp from shooting but here is one I shot..many more to come.

Short story to go with this - I learned to tie at Hardtied from the legendary PD - the founder of While shooting, videoing, rigging, etc etc at the site I heard all the stories of the "old days" and one of the prominent figures was Cowgirl aka Liz Tyler. Long story shot I had the chance to meet her and I can't say enough about how great she was and we chatted a bit about mutual aquaintances before deciding to do a quick shoot - no rope in this one but certainly one of my favorite shoots ever....

Aug 12, 2009

Fetishcon Day 1

The time finally came. After weeks of planning and worrying and spending and getting my shit together I finally was on the road to Tampa for Fetishcon 09. The week leading up to it was painful in many ways as my wife was unable to attend due to unforseen but very happy circumstances. I led to lots of soul searching as to if I even wanted to go. The flop and flip in my mind was constant with my desire to be with Koan far outweighed my desire to go to Fetishcon but she insisted that I go. For her it was very difficult as well - wanting to be there, wanting to take the road trip down with me and LC and Cyndie and Lady J. In the end she decided she was not up to it and I found a new co pilot for the trip. I was lucky I guess to find Summer Siren on short notice. Up until the last moment I had hoped to figure out a way for Koan to come...Sadness.

The road was a two car caravan with myself and LC doing the driving from NJ down to Savannah GA. for day one...
I managed a couple of images with Summer that I think are pretty cool...after 12 hrs/800ish miles of drving shooting was not a top priority. We were foiled in an attempt to capture a scene of a bound Summer in front of a GIANT COW on the Atlantic Coastal Hwy by over zealous security

More notes from the trip to follow