Apr 30, 2011

Again I Went On A Mental Sabbatical

The last couple of months have been wicked intense for me. (say that with your best Bahston accent) Got a promotion at work that has put me on the road and there have been days where I wasn't sure which airport was which and where I could not remember which car was mine since they change so many times. I've been collecting some shots for the fine folks at Maui Kink who produce some of the nicest colored Hemp I've had the privilege to use....If you'd like to help out and model for me in the new fancy rope you know how to get me -

In May I will be in Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and Syracuse. (so far) so if you are from those places or know people in those places that would like to shoot get in touch....

more to come

Apr 1, 2011