Dec 19, 2013


@enchantressSahr is a rock star. Easy to shoot. Shows up on time. Beautiful. A chameleon. Rope, Latex, Nude, Fashion, Hair changes. None of it matters. She shows up. She is beautiful. She makes great shots that need no post. She's fearless and in fact embraces challenging locations, poses, and ideas. A wonderful model. An awesome person.
Some "Me Time" Mid Shoot - She shares my passion for abandoned places apparently

Looking Like A badass while taking a call in the middle of a shoot

Smiling Is Real With this woman - each shoot has been a blast

Dec 12, 2013

Narcissa at 8 Degrees

1/2 a second in 8 degree weather is an eternity. Narcissa did it with style. Enjoy.

Narcissa Revisited

Sometimes you look through your old work with a new eye and find some gems. This is the case today. I'm going to be posting some older shots over the next week or so as I gear up for 2014. I hope you enjoy.

Dec 10, 2013

Rope and Heels and Shoe Sucking

The whole week was a blur of awesome shooting with awesome people. One day I'll go back.

Green Cast Driving Me Nuts

I hate complaining about free. Hate it. Makes me feel petty.
I post shots in a few places. The jpg compression that various sites use create end images with differing results. One of my absolutely favorite sites for everything community fetish related has an issue where the same image posted there and here shows a definite green cast on their site. This is a test.