May 31, 2009

Intro To Bondage Class June 20th In NYC

Hello All - I've had many people over the past year ask me how I learned to tie and ask me how hard is it and ask me if I would teach them. I always say - I learned by having an experienced rope guy stand over me and make me tie over and over and over until it made sense. I then say that once you get the basics - it's easy. Really easy. I then say yes I can teach and plan to have a class.

The time is now...

June 20th at HTC Studios at 508 W. 26th St. I will be teaching an intensive introductory rope bondage class from 12-5pm. There will be a short break to eat at 3. The cost of the class is 100/pair of students. All are welcome and invited.

The class is aimed at beginners looking to demystify rope bondage. I will cover the following.
  1. Basic safety.
  2. Rope selection
  3. Analyzing your partner to decide on what is best for you both
  4. Tying, Tying, Tying. - This class will aim to immerse you in the basics so that when you leave you will be capable of adding rope bondage to your (rope) bag of tricks competently and without hurting anyone.
What this class will NOT be....
  1. A suspension class. I have been tying for years now and still will not do suspensions with just anyone. It is not something for everyone and certainly not for beginners.
  2. A pick up joint. I totally encourage you to bring someone with you. I totally encourage anyone that is single to come. I totally encourage people to be friendly, have fun, and exchange ideas. I will not tolerate any harrassment. This is a class to learn. I will NOT tolerate any harassment of anyone. Please be clear here...
Here is one more thing that will separate this class from many others you might go to. I will have a model. I will be tying her. She will be very scantily clothed. I do invite you to bring your camera and take pictures of what I do and what you do. This is not a model shoot but I am sure that there will be some good chances to take images if that is something that intersts you.

Class Requirements:
  1. An open mind.
  2. 4 30' lengths of least. Everything I do can be done that way. More is good. A few short ones always is helpful but for the basics you can do lots with that much rope. Home depot is your friend. Cheap is fine to learn.
  3. Good hygiene. No one likes to be locked in a studio with any stinky folks.
  4. ID that shows you to be at least 18. There may be some nudity in the class.

You can contact either me or for more details. Hope to see you there...

May 19, 2009

Printers And Bears Oh My

Got my new printer to replace my old printer from a company that will remain nameless. I got a great deal on the first one and it had great reviews with the exception of it seeming to have a high crap out rate. Knowing that the internet is the home of the complainer I decided to take my chances hoping that the crap out rate was an exaggeration. After creating some wonderful prints in the first month I had it the law of Murphy caught up with me and mine too went in the a few calls back and forth with apparent native English speakers and they said - No printer on the way.
Wow I say to myself. That kinda makes up for the piece of shit breaking...and it's here. And it's taking an hour to initialize and making the same awful noises that the old one made that were part of the reason that I thought it was broken (combined with streaking on the right side of the images). Well the end result is amazing prints and I can again recommend that HP 9180 as a wonderful printer...

Now why the hell don't they make mattes that are 12 by 18?

May 13, 2009

Subway Bound

Between shooting as much as I can and working and being a tad bit under the weather I've had a busy month...
As always you can check out JWCIMAGING for my newest work. I shot the extremely fun Damiana on the trains of the NYC subways this week as well as bringing the incomparable Koan back to my pages with her first new images in over a year....
Here are a couple to look at...