May 19, 2009

Printers And Bears Oh My

Got my new printer to replace my old printer from a company that will remain nameless. I got a great deal on the first one and it had great reviews with the exception of it seeming to have a high crap out rate. Knowing that the internet is the home of the complainer I decided to take my chances hoping that the crap out rate was an exaggeration. After creating some wonderful prints in the first month I had it the law of Murphy caught up with me and mine too went in the a few calls back and forth with apparent native English speakers and they said - No printer on the way.
Wow I say to myself. That kinda makes up for the piece of shit breaking...and it's here. And it's taking an hour to initialize and making the same awful noises that the old one made that were part of the reason that I thought it was broken (combined with streaking on the right side of the images). Well the end result is amazing prints and I can again recommend that HP 9180 as a wonderful printer...

Now why the hell don't they make mattes that are 12 by 18?