Jun 30, 2014

Kneeling and Begging - Mal Martine Dominates Miss Lea Hart

Narcissa in Kaori's Latex Dream Dress

Narcissa. Need you say more? Muse, pain in the ass, friend, person that has kept me waiting longer than anyone else ever. Person that I can consistently produce strong images with no matter what. Narcissa. 

in latex, in the nude, in a evening gown. strong image after strong image. With a nearly 5 year break in shooting her we were able to meet up and create strong images without missing a beat. That is talent on the side of the model. brave and fearless with a camera in her proximity. 

Dress by Kaori's Latex Dream
Photo by Stark-Arts
Musedom - Narcissa

Mal Martine Vs Lea: Strap On

Jun 28, 2014

Beauty On Beauty - Mal Martine vs Lea Hart

It's been a great week shooting. Shot old friends (Narcissa), and made a new one in the wonderful Lea Hart. While shooting Lea she mentioned that she'd like to do a two woman shoot. I thought of Mal Martine  right away. Feminine with an androgynous twist. Dominant through and through but with a hint of softness in the right circumstances I knew she'd be a great mix with Lea Hart. I was right. There was a bit of electricity in the air right away and it continued until the last frame was shot...

Over the next few days you'll get a steady diet of female dominating female photography. I hope you enjoy...

Jun 24, 2014

Lea Hart Bound Again

"old souls wise beyond their years" Lea is the real deal. Poised and pretty. Curvy and quiet. Strong and submissive. I see success for her in whatever she chooses. I only hope that before she decides to run to the real world I get to shoot her again.

Jun 23, 2014

Narcissa in Black and White and Color - You Decide.

Narcissa Color Nude

Narcissa Black and White Nude 
at the end of the month I'll take down one of these - you guys decide which you like better. Vote in the comments.

Jun 22, 2014

Pride Week 2014 Featuring Narcissa and Zorenko London

I gave a more eloquent speech on my vanilla site but on this one I'll keep it much simpler. If you don't believe that any adult has the right to marry, fuck, spank, love, kiss, hug, die with any other consenting adult of their choosing then please leave. If you don't believe in equality then please leave. thanks.

Dress by Zorenko London

Skin, Hair, and Curves by Narcissa

Jun 20, 2014

@MissLeaHart - Shoe In Mouth and Rope On Body

@MissLeaHart forgot to bring sexy shoes to a shoot - this is what happens

Miss Lea Hart - Asian, Young, Beautiful, Fun, Great in Rope, Great Without Rope

Follow her on tumblr at MissLeaHart.Tumblr.com

Jun 19, 2014

Lea Hart

I don't shoot many young women. It's not a prejudice. It's not fear. Well maybe it's a little bit of fear. In photography and fetish youth is a bonus usually but for me at my age I prefer to know that the person I'm dealing with knows what they are doing and that they really want to do this. She is the real deal. The old cliché fits about wise beyond her years. It was a pleasure and I sincerely hope that I get her in front of my lens again....follow her on tumblr at