Oct 15, 2011

Why and How?

I get a few questions from time to time. Not many. I'm not famous by anyones definition of the word. Not even infamous. But every now and again someone thinks that I might have an answer to a question they have. The two I get the most are:

"Why do you do what you do?" and "How do you get away with it?" Two relatively simple questions. One has a very simple answer, the other one not so much.

1. "How do you get away with it?" (plus various variations on said theme) In the words of the Nike marketing gods - "Just Do It". The biggest key is finding brave models that are in it for the love of good images and kinda like being shown off. I don't shoot run and gun. I don't do flashing photography. Quite the opposite. I like to set up the shot. I almost always use flash. I generally do at least one or two test shots sometimes with a coat/long shirt over the model and sometimes with the outfit you see in the finals. Some of my fearlessness comes from size. Some of it is just NYC attitude. But I've only ever really had one issue while i was shooting and that was in Tampa Florida - not on the streets of my hometown.

2. Why do you do what you do is much more complex...and will be the subject of a second post....Duty calls right now.