Mar 21, 2014

Musings - Mariah at Pandora's Box

 I had met Mariah a long way back - by the time i was competent with the camera she was working at Pandora's box and the owner hired me for some shots....The images taken around that time before I became a speedlight convert were essential in the creation of the "stark-arts" style... Mariah always brought out the best in me during shoots. Wherever you are I hope life is treating you well...

Pandora Tied On Cobble Stone

Dog Walking

Mar 11, 2014

Luna Vary - Retrospective

There are pretty women that are useless in front of the camera and there are those that you might pass in the street without blinking that light up and just become something magical in front of the lens. Luna Vary was one of those women. Great to shoot. This is a collection of her because I'm bored and haven't posted in a bit...