Jan 26, 2013

kinda slow this time of year

new york has been locked in a cold spell and that has limited my shooting - i'm dying to get going again but it's one thing to shoot at 35 degrees and another to try to shoot at 12 degrees. ...

I've had an up and down year thus far with some health stuff on the personal side to deal with but some really great professional things going on...

I'd love to thank the folks over at Long Island Leather and Roses for hosting me last Tuesday. Great turnout and great questions from the crowd made me feel at home right away. Thanks folks....

I was able to do a little photography teaching at two very awesome events this week as well...

I'm looking for space to host some work shops - details coming....

thanks for your support - i hope your new year is coming along nicely....

Jan 10, 2013

Ms Koi Bound With Hemp Rope Wearing Fishnets

I do miss Koi - she was a character and fun to shoot and tie - she fell of the face of the world. darn.

Jan 9, 2013

Stephy C Masturbating On Cobble Stone In Bondage

StephyC is an amazing model - might have mentioned that before. you should check her out at JustStephyC

@JustStephyC in rope on cobble stones

Jan 7, 2013

Mal Martine Returns In Latex Bikini

I love shooting Martine - she has a killer body, is brave, and i have to do no retouching to get her looking her best. What I also like is that because I've shot her a few times now and we've built some rapport I get to try some things that i don't generally do when I shoot her. I get to test ideas because I'm not as concerned with getting a "safe shot" that I know she will like. I trust that she's going to dig my vision regardless. I've had this with some other models and when it happens it makes shooting so much better. It was cold. I took her to the water. She kicked ass anyway. If you are in NYC and are looking to submit to a gorgeous exotic woman with oodles of attitude I would say check her out.

Jan 6, 2013

Nipple Clamps, Gag, Asian Beauty

koan was my first real model - in lots of ways I owe her everything for where i am today. thank you

Mistress Elena - NYC Latina Beauty

I've been shooting Mal Martine for a few months now and at her first shoot she brought a friend of hers named Elena with her for moral support/to hold lights for me etc lol and at that time we said like always "we should shoot sometime" I wasn't sure if it was going to happen anytime soon. I knew she was cold when i shot Martine and it wasn't going to be warmer anytime soon.

Well yesterday I got both of these exotic beauties out into the wild in 36 degree weather. I take them down to the water where the wind is whipping because i'm a sadist (lol) and here are some of the results.

Mistress Elena can be found on fetlife and performing her femdom magic in NYC.

Jan 4, 2013

Blonde Bot

I had the pleasure this year to meet a model going by the name of Blonde Bot (on fetlife) that was a positive joy to work with. She was into bondage in the real world and that makes all the difference.
She was not what I would describe as my perfect bondage model and yet was enchanting to shoot and work with. I hope to get her into the street in the future.

Find her - say hi - tell her to shoot more lol

I'm going to spread the posts out so that I have more going up rather than big posts.....Blonde Bot