Jun 20, 2008

How bout I finish this one?

full moon spilt over pale skin and dark rope. the yard was dark save five or six candles laid out in no pattern that she could detect. bound tightly her breasts stood out from her body as if encased in the finest bra that victoria had ever produced. her stomach was flat. her pussy was wet. the concrete under her ass cheeks was rough but she liked it like that sometimes. this was one of those times. a cool breeze caused the candle lights to dance and send shadows over her naked flesh - the wind caressed the buds of her nipples and forced them into attention. her eyes were blinded by silk. ninety percent opaque they left just enough light for her to know that the candles were sending their light over each curve and leaving none of her hidden in the shadows. her hands were tied over her head, the length of rope running to a spike in the tiny twenty by three foot "yard" behind the patio. her legs were spread looking like frogs with each foot bent back so that the heel was touching her thigh and leaving her wet cunt exposed to anyones gaze. The only eyes on them were his. his silence just another weapon in his aresenal that would lead her to lose herself to another orgasm.