Jun 8, 2008

Just what is the Stark-Arts?

At one time i was fortunate enough to have what I thought was a pretty cool name for my website - it was called Stillbound. That sounded like something that was what it was - artsy bondage shots. I liked it. I made cards. I told everyone about it. I told everyone my email as jc@stillbound.com etc, etc, etc. i made a mistake and didn't renew the name and - bamph!!! it was gone.
That brings us to Stark-Arts.com which is my new (coming soon I promise) site showing my work. The name seems to encompass my style which many people say is too contrasty but that's the way I like it - my writing style is also when I'm top of my game (not now as you can see) kind of bare bones...not flowery but direct and according to some - hot. (wait for samples in the future)
In any event I appreciate you reading this if you are - and if you're not, well fuck you!!! Lol
see you soon in the world of the stark-arts I hope...

Stark-Arts (for now)