Dec 19, 2013


@enchantressSahr is a rock star. Easy to shoot. Shows up on time. Beautiful. A chameleon. Rope, Latex, Nude, Fashion, Hair changes. None of it matters. She shows up. She is beautiful. She makes great shots that need no post. She's fearless and in fact embraces challenging locations, poses, and ideas. A wonderful model. An awesome person.
Some "Me Time" Mid Shoot - She shares my passion for abandoned places apparently

Looking Like A badass while taking a call in the middle of a shoot

Smiling Is Real With this woman - each shoot has been a blast

Dec 12, 2013

Narcissa at 8 Degrees

1/2 a second in 8 degree weather is an eternity. Narcissa did it with style. Enjoy.

Narcissa Revisited

Sometimes you look through your old work with a new eye and find some gems. This is the case today. I'm going to be posting some older shots over the next week or so as I gear up for 2014. I hope you enjoy.

Dec 10, 2013

Rope and Heels and Shoe Sucking

The whole week was a blur of awesome shooting with awesome people. One day I'll go back.

Green Cast Driving Me Nuts

I hate complaining about free. Hate it. Makes me feel petty.
I post shots in a few places. The jpg compression that various sites use create end images with differing results. One of my absolutely favorite sites for everything community fetish related has an issue where the same image posted there and here shows a definite green cast on their site. This is a test.

Nov 27, 2013

Mal Martine Stalking the Ruins

@Mal_Martine always looks amazing in front of the lens and this shoot was no different. Latex and feathers - Styling and makeup by Haruka S

Nov 22, 2013

Gorgeous Blonde LiiLii In Rope

I only did Fetishcon once but I loved what i shot. Bunch of models. All over the place. LiiLii definitely was a highlight. Gorgeous woman with an amazing presence in front of the lens.

Nov 21, 2013

Asian Tattooed Cutie Samantha Erin

super cute Asian model Samantha Erin from a few years back. great to shoot. Brave. Adorable. Sexy

Koan Spanked (throwback thursday)

Digging through archives. Showing the tattoo and the eye. Camera on a tripod. Hair wet. Misbehaved like koan. Milf. Bad girl. Original Muse.

Koan Wild Hair

Milf. Bound. Black and White. Beautiful. Koan. Riddle. Asian.

Nude. Public. Detroit. Tattooed. Beautiful.

Nov 20, 2013

JJ and Sahrye

 Take two sexy women - put em in public in great outfits. Add a leash. Voila!

Nov 3, 2013

Pretty Rope For a Beautiful Woman

I've mentioned here in the past that I love tying Dommes. For some reason I've had good luck getting a few of them to drop their guard and switch a bit even when it was just for some pictures. I'm not positive if it's visible to the viewer at home but when the woman that i'm photographing is naturually dominant and submits to rope or to other submissive type images I'm almost always happy with the results...

Nov 2, 2013

Sahrye Suspended

#EnchrantressSahr - @EnchantressSahr -

Enchantress Sahrye bound and suspended in @JJPlush bank basement.

Oct 29, 2013

Enchantress Sahrye in Garters and Stockings

What more can I say? Wonderful to shoot. Check her out at her twitter and show some love. Follow me while you are at it....


JJ Plush - Accept No Substitute

Happy Birthday Koan

You were first. Thank you for everything you did to make all this happen for me.

Oct 27, 2013

Leather Apron and Jumper Cables

I have always loved this shot from a dungeon shoot a while back. Most of the digital neg's were lost in a hard drive crash. If anyone knows this model, or where I can find a similar apron please let me know...i have some spots where I really think this would work....

Oct 25, 2013

Cleaning the Wreckage

Juxtaposition. Beautiful girl. Great clothes. Disaster location. Strange props found. put it all together and you do the hokey pokey.
Sahrye In Garters and Stockings

Oct 18, 2013

Latina Milf

 Keeping the theme for the week with amazing Latina ladies here are some shots from an abandoned jail of a friend of mine. Sexy for any age she is a mother and a professional when not looking downright gorgeous in front of the camera.

Ms Mal Martine Nude In Ruins

It's a Latina kind of week. Yesterday I brought you a new image of Enchantress Sahrye, today I'm back with three of Ms Mal Martine. Lithe and edgy Martine while maintaining the curves of a woman she looks equally amazing in latex, a sweater, or in the nude. Check out the link and give her some love. You can also visit her website HERE

Oct 17, 2013

Sahrye With Gas Mask

Get ready for a bunch of Sahrye posts - I hope you don't get tired of her. Really a pleasure to shoot and capable of multi genre shooting in a way that a lot of models aren't. If you are in the NYC area and need a model you can't go wrong with Sahrye.

May 28, 2013

Enchantress Sahrye X 2 - Leave A Comment

Which do you prefer? No wrong answers? Just trying to figure out what people like and why? Call it Sociology. Have a great day.

May 27, 2013

JJ Plush Vs Giant Pink Ball Gag And Giant Pitbull

you have to love JJ. If you like skinny girls, fat girls, short girls,  tall girls, old girls,  young girls, etc it really doesn't matter. JJ Rocks. Shooting at her place in Detroit and Eric Cain (check him out - talented rigger/photographer) shows up with his dog and how can i resist. I love dogs, I love basements, I love JJ. Add a little rope and one of JJ's signature giant ball gags and voila! and this is what happened.....

Enchantress Sahrye

you can find beauty in the strangest places. I was supposed to shoot Sahrye 2 years earlier but it didn't happen. I found myself in Detroit visiting the one and only JJ Plush with no shooting in mind. Next thing you know there is a gorgeous woman that wants to shoot and I am so happy. Some of my best shots ever came from that meeting and subsequent meetings.

May 25, 2013

Enchantress Sahrye

Sahrye is really a great model. We played the "lets shoot" game for a while.  you can see that I haven't posted here in a long time you know I haven't been shooting much in the way of fetish and really no bondage for quite some time. I met up with Sahrye in Detroit of all places where she was hanging out with one of my favorite people in the world - the one and only JJ Plush. Serendipity!
After shooting some glamour shots (check out for those please....) we did a short suspension shoot. she was great. There will be more images here and at JCPM in the following days and weeks... Can't wait.

Mar 8, 2013

Beauty Foster

Going through some old work while it's still cold and my travel schedule is calm. I was looking over these shots and wish that I had shot them without rope. Ms. Foster is the kind of model that would have been perfect for my "clean" work as well as my fetish and these outside shots in particular would fit right into what I'm doing these days....


Jan 26, 2013

kinda slow this time of year

new york has been locked in a cold spell and that has limited my shooting - i'm dying to get going again but it's one thing to shoot at 35 degrees and another to try to shoot at 12 degrees. ...

I've had an up and down year thus far with some health stuff on the personal side to deal with but some really great professional things going on...

I'd love to thank the folks over at Long Island Leather and Roses for hosting me last Tuesday. Great turnout and great questions from the crowd made me feel at home right away. Thanks folks....

I was able to do a little photography teaching at two very awesome events this week as well...

I'm looking for space to host some work shops - details coming....

thanks for your support - i hope your new year is coming along nicely....