Jun 30, 2012

Stranger At The Door

anxiety. anticipation. humiliation, arousal. just four of the many feelings that were coursing through her body as she waited for the doorbell to ring or the sound of knocking or the footsteps ascending the stairs after the door opening. She wasn't exactly sure how it would happen but she knew that soon there would be a man coming to the door and that soon after that at the direction of her owner she would be servicing that new man. it wasn't terror as she knew she was safe. It wasn't truly humiliating as she wanted it on many levels. Anticipation and anxiety - those were her true feelings. It wasn't as though she was  a virgin when they met but she hadn't ever been shared and she'd never been fucked in front of him. She knew the aspect of control of her was his biggest turn on - more than when he disciplined her or in some ways even more than when he was having sex with her himself. The d and s in bdsm were the two that truly got him excited and tonight she was going to be shown off, controlled, and used in a way that would truly show how much control he had. She knew once it started she was going to love it. But right now she was on a tall roller coaster clicking up a hill and she was on the verge of a breakdown. She wouldn't. His calm was washing over her. She was amazed at how calm he looked as she knew just how excited he was. But he also knew it was his job to make her get in the moment and be relaxed. She knew that he loved her more than anything. That was calming in itself. 
He was sitting in the wide chair and she was kneeling. The tank top she wore was tight against her body and her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. her tits were perfect. Responsive nipples were always more important to him than size. It took her years of training to acknowledge that. she had to thank him for that. she felt sexier now than she had at 20. it was his greatest accomplishment. he stared down at her and she could see his cock was hard through the fabric of his khaki's. He wore a  white button down shirt and khaki's and his “I don't give a shit” attitude. He did. She knew he did. She definitely knew he gave a shit about her. The skirt she was wearing stopped about two inches between her cunt. It wasn't dripping but it was wet. she was getting more excited as the clock swept past the 11 and toward the top of the hour when she was expecting their visitor. Kneeling wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world but with the number of things going through her head she wasn't really focused on it. Her hands were behind her back boxed as he had taught her right at the beginning of their relationship. That was years ago and she was amazed sometimes that he seemed even more turned on by her as the years went by for both of them. the heels were patent with open toes. The spikes were 4 and a half inches and made her calves pop and her legs beg for attention. 
"How did he react when you called him?" His voice was calm and the pronoun was non specific but she knew exactly whom she was talking about. he had commanded her to call him earlier in the day. they had flirted with this concept for a while - his voice whispering in her ears how he wanted to see her used by a stranger while his cock plowed her cunt on many occasions. it was a running theme and he liked the way she flushed each time he mentioned it. 
"he was a bit flustered when i told him to pick up a box of condoms" she almost smiled as she thought of the reaction that her dealer had presented at the sound of her voice telling him to bring a box of rubbers to her house on his delivery. she knew he thought she was hot. she had even teased him a bit with some provocative outfits over the year he'd been visiting her. But nothing like this. she was surprised that morning when her master had told her no underwear. he had a fetish for her in matching undies so the request meant that he had plans for her today…she didn't know until later what that plan was. Honestly she still wasn't sure how far the evening was going to go.
"well you look amazing…i have some accessories for your outfit though…" he stood up as he had a thousand times and she was still surprised at how much larger than her he was. Six feet five and just big. "Turn around and push your tits to the ground." She did as she'd been trained to do when he gave that command keeping her thighs straight as she pushed her face to the floor letting her weight fall to her breasts and shoulders while keeping her ass high. The skirt was so short that her cunt and asshole became visible and available in an instant. he crouched down and moved his hand up the length of her labia and felt the beginnings of her wetness. he brought a finger to his lips and let out a sound like that he would let go of after a taste of an exquisite dinner. "Delicious."
"thank you Sir"
his fingers danced over the shaved flesh before starting to investigate deeper. In a few moments he had two fingers buried in her and was slowly sawing them in and out as his thumb found the flesh that hid her erect clitoris. small circles elicited a moan from her and increased the wetness of her hole as his fingers began to pick up their pace. he began to move some of her wetness over the bud of her asshole and made small circles teasing just away from the opening. "Ready?" he said - not a whisper but the tone was below his normal speaking voice.
"yes Sir"
a finger began to push in and met the resistance with equal pressure until the tightness began to yield. she knew what was coming. she often had her asshole stretched to accommodate various toys as well as her masters cock. He liked the feeling of doing something that she though was naughty. No matter how many times he had taken her there she still thought of it as something that was dirty and that made it much more enticing to him. as time went by the toys became larger and she knew that the added tightness in her cunt made him cum harder when he was fucking her while her asshole was full. she felt the tip of one of her favorite toys against the ring of her puckered hole and then the slow pressure as he began to push it in. she knew from experience that the toy became thick very fast and then narrowed to a smaller base that made it the easiest to keep in place. The thickest part of it was thicker even than his cock and there was a bit of pain as it penetrated her but that was forgotten soon enough as it nestled in and found it's home past her sphincter. 
"you are such a good girl…" his words were honey in her ears as she loved making him happy. "wiggle that ass for me…" she did as asked without fear of looking silly. She knew that he was in love with her. she knew she was the sexiest woman in the world to him. She knew that she was safe with him. When she took a moment to think about those three truths it gave her the strength to do things that she would never have even thought of years before.