Feb 16, 2014

Mitsu Vs Rope - Black and White

two more from my shoot with Mitsu last week - stunning clothed or in rope I can't wait to get her outside for some sort of spectacle.

Feb 13, 2014

Mitsu Bound - Again

Beautiful strong and intelligent - Mitsu is an incredible subject to shoot.
Hoping it won't be too long before she is back in front of my lens.

Mal Martine Returns

new york has been cold. snowy. rainy. grey. my usual locations not as viable as i'd like. but when beautiful women like mitsu or in mal martine ask to shoot you don't say "i don't shoot indoors" - you suck it up and produce the best stuff you can. 

Mal has been a source of inspiration for while now. friend. muse. collaborator. enjoy.

Feb 9, 2014

Mitsu Bound Against A Wall In Color

I went into this shoot with mixed feelings. Excited to shoot Mitsu again abut disappointed that the February weather was so cold. 10-15 degrees colder than average. I was dying to get her outside. luckily i think i was still able to create a setting of juxtaposition with the still life of a "normal" kitchen against the beauty of the bound woman. Enjoy

 for more images of Mitsu

Shot with D800 and 58 1.4 with one SB-910 off camera bare.

Feb 8, 2014

Mitsu in Black and White and Color: Bound and Tatted Beauty

A long time ago I was just a guy trying to learn how to take pics with studio lights in my apartment. I didn't have a site. I didn't have any serious gear. But I had a desire to learn. I stared with a craigslist ad looking for models willing to shoot tfp. One of the very first to respond was Mitsu. She hadn't done a ton of modeling and I hadn't done a ton of shooting. We produced some nice images like the ones below. These images were some of the ones that contributed to the creation of Stark-Arts. I had no idea really how to light. I was using strobes rather than the speedlites that I use almost exclusively today (which allowed me to escape the studio)

Fast forward 6 years or so and Mitsu and me reconnect and do a new shoot. In the meantime I've learned to tie, learned to shoot images that were not so "stark" and Mitsu somehow became more beautiful. You'll see quite a few posts with this exquisite (and super freaking cool) woman this week and in coming weeks and hopefully I'll find her in front of my lens again in less than 6 years.