Nov 18, 2012

Mal Martine

Coated in latex and dripping with attitude the spider said to the fly can you handle this?

I met Mal Martine at the parking lot near my job. We'd spoken a few times but had not met yet. This is common for me. The rule more than the exception. The not meeting - not the parking lot. Within moments I could tell I was going to have a blast shooting her. She had no "real" images in her port to speak of and had done the whole "i'm not good in front of the camera" dance that i hear from many women that I shoot. I knew this was going to be false. I knew she was going to kill it and she did. Within five minutes of being dressed we created this image. It was a 1/5 of a second hand held and she was stunning. I wish i could have lost the car but there was another car just to camera left that was hideous and i wanted the whole church. Her friend makes a sneak appearance by mistake - i didn't see it in camera and for some reason along with the lens flare i think it adds to the image...I have cropped versions without her but I prefer this one. Mal Martine is worth looking for. She is a pro Domme in NYC and if you are looking for someone with gravity and poise in the face of new situations then I think you will be pleased.... More images to follow.