Jul 9, 2012

Montreal Adventure

So some of you know me in real life and some of you don't. Here is a little back story that fits in with this latest shoot. I have had the pleasure of working with a team of the finest people i've ever known for the last 18 months in a job that allowed me to travel the world and see places I would never have seen. I recently made a decision to leave that in order to spend more time with my family and pursue some other interests that demanded more stability in my life. One of those fine people on my team is a friend and travel mentor and world class photographer GB. His work can be seen over at Ruinism which i highly recommend you check out. Where my images generally take somewhere in the range of 1/500th to 1/8000th of a second to take his can take minutes or hours and the time he puts into each image can be seen in the final results. Great stuff. As good a photographer as he is he is a better friend and I think that everyone that knows him would say so. Enough ass-kissery for a moment. GB has always been a proponent of my work but he has never had a chance to join me on a shoot. So for my last traveling show we hit 4 Canadian cities in 6 days. The last of these was Montreal. I've never been but I've long known that the city has a strong fetish community and it was the city where I was actually going to have a few hours of spare time to try to shoot. I found a couple of beautiful models willing to participate in one of my adventures. They are Joanie D and Dorothee St Onge and I could not have been happier with the way things happened. The shoot was about adversity from the minute it started. Another co-worker that was supposed to be meeting me in Montreal at 240 ended up delayed until nearly 530 pm which was when the shoot was scheduled to start. I made arrangements and got out to the airport to pick her up and then hustled back to the city during rush hour. The girls were waiting in the hotel lobby and i was enthused to say the least. After about 20 minutes of hi's and getting ready I lead the girls, GB, and Dorothee's boyfriend up to a church yard that I had scouted earlier. Upon arriving I set about doing some test shots with a flash that i was excited to use here since it was much more powerful than what I usually use. As is murphy's law the flash shit the bed and I started to panic for a moment. Being anal about these things I had packed a back up and I pulled that out. I got about 30 shots in the church yard before you guessed it the second flash system decided to say sayanora. The above shot has very little  photoshop - i limited it to some sharpening. The sky, the girls, the location all melded together to make it happen....I love shooting, I love my friends, I love Montreal.

I hope you like these because there are a bunch more to come....