Jul 21, 2012


 Shot with Angel Careese in Boston early morning. After a day of flake outs for normal timed shoots Angel met me at 5 in the morning and I was happy to see her. Bubbly and enthusiastic even after a day at work she was eager to go.
Boston on the other hand failed to co-operate. First location i ran into the dreaded "i am just doing my job" security guy. Always worse than the cops because they honestly have no fucking idea of the why's of what they are doing. Discretion means nothing. They just repeat the company line over and over. "the rules say...blah yada blah yada"
Sucked - good location that maybe I'll hit in the future. The loss of those 15 minutes meant i missed the sun coming up over Copley Square.

 The sky went from a brilliant red with rolling choppy clouds to barely blue and flat in a matter of minutes. It happens but it still was upsetting. I had an eager model and co-operating gear unlike Montreal where I had the model and the sky but fucked up gear. Regardless we went to work shooting and even though I had to shoot at some faster shutter speeds than i wanted in order to bring any definition into the clouds I was pretty happy with that part of the shoot.

Copley was a great location with lots of stuff to shoot in front of. Angel was great for bringing lots of outfits. The bums were great for giving some flavor to some of the shots and not bothering the talent...
We got out to the Mass Ave Bridge which separates Boston from Cambridge and the wind went nuts. I had been using the Impact Quik Box and the Westcott Apollo Orb throughout the day to good results but on the bridge even with the camera bag hanging from the stand there was no way to use either modifier without assistance which i did not have. So i shot with the bare 580EX2 and this is what I go. The sky finally was showing some definition but by then i was on my way to work...