Jul 20, 2009


Shibari can be one of the most confusing arts in the world of BDSM for those that have not had any real experience with it. Even for the casual practitioner who has attempted to learn out of a book it sometimes can really be difficult to pull together the different aspects into a cohesive and clean style. JC will show the class slowly and concisely how to combine the most basic of Japanese bondage techniques together to create a piece of rope work that will be the base of much of your rigging. In easy steps you will learn first how to create a very basic harness as well as some hints on how to make it take on your own style in the future. The chest harness is the basis for much of what is seen as Shibari from hogites to suspension play. The elements you learn during this class will send you on your way toward safe bondage play that can be enjoyed by everyone.