Jul 26, 2009

Sex Blogger Calendar, Streets Of Harlem, And Abiola

"The 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar is unique in bringing together several of NYC's writers, filmmakers and sex educators with twelve outstanding photographers and incorporating the participation of the larger sex-positive commUNITY to our efforts to support Sex Work Awareness. Last year's calendar made the Speak Up! media training for sex workers possible and with our commUNITY's continued support, who knows what we can accomplish this year!" SexBloggerCalendar.com

I was very proud to be chosen this year to take part in this project and really hope that many of you will support it. I won't waste your time rehashing what is on the site. Check it out!

For my shots I took to the streets of Harlem NYC with the lovely Abiola of Planet Abiola and we gallivanted around the streets creating some very fine images if I do say so...
In the end the hardest decisions were deciding which image to pick - for that you will have to get the calendar...
Here are a few of the outtakes