Nov 29, 2011

The Fine Art Of Selling Out - Fuck All Y'All

Fuck All Y'all

Well that about sums it up when you choose to be an artist doesn't it? I'm not talking about a producer. A producer is first interested in what will sell. They are first interested in what can be promoted, packaged, pushed, repackaged, and profited from. I'm not a communist. I'm not saying this is bad by nature. I'm merely pointing out the differences between artists and producers. An artist must by his nature produce what he loves and hope that the people that love that work happen to have money enough to purchase it. If you go into a painting or a photo shoot or a sculpture saying "I'm creating this for..." then that work is not going to be art. It is very similar to the distinction in my mind to the proverbial "selling out" that you hear of so often in the indi music scene. When a band changes it's sound in order to become popular (almost impossible to prove by the way" that is selling out. If the popular consciousness takes a turn and the music comes into vogue that is most certainly not selling out. When someone says selling out they usually mean "there are a whole bunch of kids here that thought i was a dork when i first liked you" - the other arts are the same way to me. I hope that fetish will continue to creep into the mainstream. It won't. But I hope. I hope that someone else looks at my work and says "we'd like to use that shot that has been laying around for months for our magazine cover or center fold or buy it for the lobby etc" because there is a sense of pride in that for me. I'd be lying to myself and you if i said otherwise. But until then - the people that love my work i give you the biggest X's and O's and the rest of you...the pictures have and will continue to do the talking for me....