May 8, 2011

299,000 Of My Regular Shots Is a Drop in The Bucket

So good friend and super gifted photographer Gabe B. of Ruinism got me to take him to the scene of a few of my urbanex adventures from the past - The Red Hook Grain Terminal. The property is much closer to Gabes than my place and we were joined by two of his long exposure compatriots that shall remain nameless unless they ask to be revealed. It's a wonderful site and I genuinely wish that it was easier to gain access legally as it would be an awesome place to shoot without having to worry about being chased by security.
I got a few keepers for myself by my own low standards in regard to land scapes (ok ok Gabe - "Night Scapes") but with some simple math you can see that I could have shot nearly 300,000 of my usual exposures if you just went by the time the shutter is

Very little PS on these images - Sharpening, conversion to B/W for those two shots, and cropping.

All taken with 5DII and a Sigma 15MM 2.8

In any event - i hope you enjoy a shot or two with no rope, no girl, and no flash

Thanks Gabe, M.H, and E.C