Dec 3, 2011

A First Time For Everything

I'd never tied a man. Not for real. Certainly never to this extent. I hadn't had butterflies in a while. Wasn't really sure if my tactics to build rapport would work the same with a man as with a woman. I've often said I could teach my lighting to anyone in 4 hrs. But the ability to get someone comfortable in bondage in public or even not in public was something i could explain perhaps but I don't think i could teach it. Rarebreed (fetlife name) contacted me after seeing me tie at a party. His question was simple. "how do you feel about tying men?" - I answered quickly - "sounds like a good idea to me" and it was and is. I was still uncertain how it would go. He was pretty new to bondage...a total virgin when it came to suspension, but I'd seen some stills and he was a performance artist and in far better shape than me or many of the models i've shot for that matter. I knew I could do great stuff - the question was would i push him too far due to his maleness? I take it pretty easy on women. At least at first. Rarebreed left the shoot asking for more and that to me is a successful shoot.