Nov 12, 2009

I Now Return You To Your Normal Program

After no updates or updates with video I decided to take a second to post a few images...
I hope you enjoy....After meeting her at the Sex Blogger Calendar Party I got to shoot with
Jiz Lee - who is Jiz Lee you ask?

The answer from her site is this

"With an ejaculation scene that knocked the concept of the facial cumshot on its ass, Jiz Lee unloaded into the revolutionary world of queer porn cinema. As one of the adult industry’s few GenderQueer Pornstars, Jiz has appeared in the award-winning films of Pink & White Productions, including the Feminist Porn Awards’ Best Dyke Sex Scene 2005 in The Crash Pad and Champion (FPA’s 2009 Movie of the Year).
Other films include Belladonna’s “Strapped Dykes”, those by ‘Bondage It Girl & Indie Porn Pioneer’ Madison Young’s and No Fauxxx creator, Queer Alt Princess Courtney Trouble and JuicyPinkBox’s TAXI. Lee has appeared under various pseudonyms including “Gauge”, “Kaltes Klaris Wasser (Vasa)”, and “Beau Flex”, and has appeared in Here!TV’s Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Documentary Porn Today: Pushing the Limits, as well as’s series Behind Kink: Uncovering Porn for Pussies, and can be found online as a featured character in Pink & White Production’s highly acclaimed online porn saga
Jiz is a lot of things rolled into one:
queer genderqueer gender-varient trans fag androgynous erotic model pornstar dykestar sex worker artist activist instigator sweetheart lover polyamorous non-monogymous hippie punk leftist past-vegan sex positive nympho slut dyke darling juicy"
My answer is that she is a brave little ball of attitude and fun that I hope comes back to nyc soon so that we can shoot again...